Surface finishing

The scope of surface engineering processes covers all typical requirements of surface finishing, in particular optical, protective and function-determining coating measures.



Our deburring workshop handles all de-burring including even interrupted rounded edges. Our skilled quality-conscious professionals use a comprehensive range of hand deburring equipment, sanding blocks and belt sanders for clean edges. Our machine support includes mass finishing systems and a wet deburring machine, which also washes and degreases parts.


Grinding, sand and glass bead blasting

We offer sand and glass bead blasting. We have a wide range of abrasives and equipment for clean, polished, brushed, satin finishing, for example treatment after welding, or conventional belt sanders for the optically cleanest products.


Surface coating

Powder coating, painting including NCS, hot dip galvanising, chromating, anodising, passivation, chrome plating, gilding, screen printing, PTFE coating and much more. We can offer all standard and special colours. Structures are also possible. We can offer you this surface range. Along with the highest quality and short delivery time, we work together with long-standing well-known and leading suppliers. We can paint parts and prototypes in our own paint booth.


Marking of workpieces

For enhanced value and brand recognition, we offer high-quality laser marking and diamond engraving. Numbers, text, barcodes, logos and much more can be marked on almost all materials.


Industrial painting/powders

Powder-coated workpieces are extremely scratch, impact and corrosion resistant and have a long shelf life. We have been using powder coating in our group of companies for 20 years. Our automatic booth with powder recovery reduces powder consumption. Thus, we offer the ideal conditions and expertise for powder coating. We are your powerful job coaters. Flexibility is our strength, while our rapid order processing gives our customers a competitive advantage. In addition to individual parts and prototypes, we coat small and large series in all areas such as facades and interior structures, automotive parts, industrial products, machine casings, machine parts, shelves, and housing parts made of steel, steel sheet, aluminium, galvanised steel and castings, or for the food industry. We carry out customised solutions or individual special requests with the utmost care. Stainless steel and aluminium? No problem! Our 3-zone automatic washer with degreasing and phosphatisation ensures trouble-free powder coating.

Powder coating:
Number Designation Work range


Eisenmann chain conveyor 1.500 x 700 x 2.500 mm
1 Large parts baking oven 1.400 x 2.100 x 2.600 mm
Surface treatment:
Number Designation Work range


Sand blasting plant 1m³
1 Sand blasting plant 1m³
Marking of workpieces:
Number Designation Work range


Cameo Legend 36EXT laser marking 900 x 600 x 350 mm
1 Diamond engraver
Number Designation Work range


Löwer sheet metal brushing/deburring machine 1.400 x 800 mm
1 Ernst EM5 superfinishing wet deburring machine 1.250 mm (b)
2 Walther Trowal CD400 abrading system 300 mm (measured diagonally)
1 Johannsen narrow-belt sanding machine 2.000mm
2 Belt sanding machine
1 Large belt sander 2500x150mm


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